How to Increase Straw-Chopping Performance on Your Combine & Why It Matters – Phil Needham

It’s important, when you’re going about the business of farming that you really think about it not as a series of distinct and separate seasons, but as a series of interconnected processes. Not just in an obvious “seeding naturally leads to harvest” kind of route, it’s more like, “how I set my machine at harvest will affect seeding in the spring.” That type of mindset means that during harvest, your mind is on more than just getting the crop off the field, it’s also on “what am I going to do here next spring”.

That’s where something like the straw chopping performance of your combine comes in. If there’s some efficiency there, not only will you be saving some cash on fuel right now, but you’ll be saving a lot of grief associated with heavy trash come spring. In this video, Phil Needham crawls underneath a 9770 SDS John Deere combine to provide us with some advice on how to beef up efficiency in the straw-chopping department.

Click here for another video with Needham on how seed bed preparation starts at harvest.

If you cannot see the embedded video below click here.


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