Kinze Features “Next Big Innovation” Planter at Farm Progress Show

The 4900 Series of planter has been five years in the making. Why? Because the engineers designing this planter changed just about everything, from the frame, to the row unit, to the metering system.

Kinze’s 4900 planter is all about big capacity, best in class in fact, says Rhett Schildroth, but all that capacity gets heavy. Kinze rep Schildroth explains that the 4900 series takes that added weight and transfers it out to the wings of the planter, turning what could be a compaction issue into ballast for improved accuracy on the wings, even in hard ground. As you’ll see in the video below, weight transfer is just one detail in the makeup of this planter that promises 99% accuracy from 2 to 8 mph planting speed, plus lower maintenance on row units thanks to individual electronic motors.’s Bernard Tobin braved the heat of the Decatur-based Farm Progress Show in late August. Click here for all our coverage of the show!

If you cannot see the embedded video, click here.


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