KINZE’s Automation Project Looks at the Future of Ag

Ever since I was a kid, everything “futuristic”, in books and TV pointed to automation as the pinnacle of what the future would hold. From the Jetsons and their automatic sidewalks and dishwashers to my personal favourite, the old “Science International – What Will They Think of Next” tv show, automation was the future of everything (along with flying cars). To some extent they were right. Cars are parking themselves and Roombas are vacuuming living-rooms, but vehicle automation has found its best fit right now at least, in co-operation with the human element.

KINZE is one of those companies looking seriously into automation, specifically, the future of agriculture & automation. Their latest efforts are focused on harvest-time and aimed at solving the problem of the lack of skilled labour at that critical time. RealAg’s Bernard Tobin caught up with Rhett Schildroth, Senior Product Manager with KINZE, at Farm Progress 2013 in Decatur, Illinois, to talk about their project.

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Shaun Haney

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