3 Reasons Your Farm Needs BlackBerry Messenger (Yes, Even You Android & Apple Users)

Technology has won me a lot of opportunities in life, so don’t act surprised to hear I’m excited about the recent availability of Blackberry Messenger (BBM) to our Apple/Android traitors, I mean, friends. Here are three meager reasons I think you should give the program a try:

  1. Groups. Since our farm slowly moved towards the Blackberry platform, we’ve been able to communicate more effectively and in one place through the Group function of BBM. Some added features include:
    1. Shared Calendar. This has been incredibly helpful in knowing when to avoid going home. I mean…
    2. Pictures – Imagine you’re in the field and you need a part (haha, you don’t have to imagine, that was yesterday, right?). It’s so much easier to send a picture than to try to explain which of the five thousand bolts you need. Sharing with the group means whoever is in town can bring it home ASAP.
    3. Lists. Speaking of going to town, the BBM groups have a shared list options. So, you can make lists of everything from fuel filters to ice cream, and Santa will know what to bring you. S/he can also check it off so there aren’t duplicates (sad for the ice cream, I know). Lists also increase work productivity. If your employees/kids are anything like me, they likely feel the need for reward even after making coffee in the morning. Well, now, “I didn’t know what to do next!” is no longer an option. To-Do Lists are easy to make and update.
    4. Discussion. Need to quickly ask your co-workers, employees or family a question? Do it in one place with a Group chat. We’ve used it in the case of brainstorming and event planning as well as day-to-day challenges/opportunities.
  2. Stalking. BBM doesn’t just show you your message has been delivered! It also shows when it’s been read. So now you know whether your pesky brother is ignoring your question or just hasn’t read it yet.
  3. Pictures/Messages. Personalizing your BBM profile is terribly easy, and if you’re into a daily status update, or want to link it to Twitter, go ahead. Otherwise join me in setting your options so you will never see such updates.

To download BBM, go to http://ca.blackberry.com/bbm.html.

To not download BBM, do nothing, you boring Luddite.


Debra Murphy

Debra Murphy is a Field Editor based out of central Alberta, where she never misses a moment to capture with her camera the real beauty of agriculture. Follow her on Twitter @RealAg_Debra


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Sounds a lot like what my IPhone has been able to do since day one (of OS7). Pictures, Shared calendar, Icloud, group messaging, time stamps. Sorry, BlackBerry or RIM or whatever you call yourself. I’ve moved on. It’s too little, to late.

Shaun Haney

Jim, I could not agree more. Several people have invited me with their new pin and I have ignored them. I use Google hangout and Facebook messenger all the time and see no reason to use BBM at all. BBM is old news, they should of offered this service with iphone and android four years ago before they were on deaths door.


Glad you guys have found an alternative that suits your needs!
In contrast, I’ve heard a lot of enthusiasm for BBM’s availability.
So, whatever floats your boat!

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