An in-depth look at Twin Fan Nozzles, Asymmetrical Angles & Spray Drift

The twin fan, or double, nozzle concept is not new, but several new design tweaks on this nozzle had many farmers asking some great questions at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show. Tom Wolf, spray application specialist and Wheat School regular, hosted a sprayer demo at the show in early September, to compare the coverage differences between various twin fan nozzles.

While comparing five nozzles once can’t tell you which is the best (because, that would be too easy), the demo did reveal some very interesting details about spray patterns, spray deposits and the unruly factor of wind. In the video below, Wolf walks us through the demo set-up, why twin fan nozzles are so fitting for fusarium head blight control and why an asymmetrical nozzle set up is the likely winner when it comes to most effective use of a front- and back-directed nozzle.


If you cannot see the embedded video, click here.


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