Canola Seed Industry Hosts the Harvest Howler to Benefit Kyndra's Foundation for Love

Sometimes you just need to unwind after a long growing season. When that fun can be tied to supporting a great cause you have the potential for a great event that really can make a difference in people’s lives. The southern Alberta canola seed industry is banding together to organize this kind of great event while at the same time trying to raise funds to support Kyndra’s Foundation for Love. Kyndra, the daughter of Jerry Poelman, apiarist in Fort MacLeod, was killed in a car accident last February at the age of 22.

Whether you call it a party or a social (for our Manitoba friends), this is the kind of event that the community can get behind and support. The event will be held next Friday, November 1, 2013 at the Lethbridge Exhibition Grounds – South Pavilion .   More details are below.

According to Harvest Howler Organizing Co-Chair, Scott Horner:

“In past the hybrid canola seed production companies have gotten together to socialize at organized golf events, curling events, etc. and these have always been enjoyable social occasions. We haven’t done anything like that in a while so we thought we should get together again and given what happened with the Poelman family why not host a charity event… that evolved into a harvest, Halloween, charity dance!

Jerry Poelman and his family have been big supporters of the hybrid canola seed production industry, they have been involved in the industry since the very early days and have come to be good friends with many of the seed company staff. The seed companies are very pleased to be able to help create something positive out of the passing of Kyndra.

All proceeds are going to Kyndra’s Foundation of Love. Kyndra was the daughter of Fort Macleod Apiarist, Jerry Poelman; who is a friend and pollination provider to the hybrid canola seed industry in Southern Alberta. Kyndra passed away in February of this year, she was 22 years old. Kyndra had a special connection with children and one of her best experiences was a charity trip to the Dominican Republic where she worked closely with kids. This experience had a huge impact on her and she looked forward to doing many more trips like it. In memory of Kyndra, Jerry and family decided to create Kyndra’s Foundation of Love to help kids in developing parts of the world. On November 19, 2013 Jerry and a team of 13 friends and family will be embarking on a journey to Zambia Africa to help build a school in memory of Kyndra!

This is the link to Kyndra’s Foundation page describing what their goals are for the Foundation, CLICK HERE


Tickets for the event are $20 or businesses can support by purchasing a table for $150, and a charitable tax receipt provided. Businesses can also sponsor the event – donations exceeding $250, logo displayed on signage and charitable tax receipt provided.  For tickets or sponsorship opportunities contact Scott Horner at [email protected]

The umbrella organization managing the charity is:

Christian Stewardship Services

214A-500 Alden Road

Markham, Ontario  L3R 5H5

If you prefer to make a donation via Credit Card or PayPal please use this link below:

Harvest Howler Poster V2

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