Fall is a great time to get effective control of some nasty perennial and many winter annual weeds. Fall weed control is especially important ahead of — or shortly after — winter wheat planting. The reality is, however, that many farmers skip this weed control window. Just like skipping  a pre-plant burn-off in the spring can cost yield, so to can letting weeds get ahead of the crop, even if planted in the fall.

In this interview Peter Johnson, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food cereal specialist (and @WheatPete on Twitter), shows us the rather messy consequences of not including fall weed control in your regular field work routine. Watch the video below for both pre- and post-planting herbicide options, how to manage for weed resistance and the potential benefits to next year’s wheat crop.

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2 thoughts on “Fall Weed Control A Must for Wheat Fields

  1. One thing I am loving as an agronomist is Eragon in the fall burndown before the wheat is planted. The idea being it will keep the fall annuals and biennials out to delay application of herbicide in the spring until later and have a greater benefit of fungicide added to that initial spray. Plus reduced competition early in the season and a lot less panic calls when it’s really still too cool to spray in the spring.

  2. Our weeds guru Mike @Cowbrough, estimates this field would produce 58 million fleabalne seeds/acre. WOW! We MUSt get better at using fall weed control options.

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