Happy Halloween - Show Off Your Carved Pumpkin

Its the scariest day on the farm because its Halloween.    One of the most common traditions at Halloween time  is the carving of the pumpkin.  Below are some readers tweets showing off some great carving creations.

If you have a pumpkin that you would like to share post it in the comment section, tweet it to @realagriculture or email to [email protected]

HAPPY HALLOWEEN from the entire RealAgriculture.com team

Courtesy of Dennis Laughton
Courtesy of Dennis Laughton


Here's J&R Potter's granddaughter with her Minnie Mouse Jack-o-lantern
Here’s J&R Potter’s granddaughter with her Minnie Mouse Jack-o-lantern






Herrle’s Farm Market

Dan Kaufman

Gary Stanford (actually its Gary’s wife)

Kyle Holman

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