The battle of the new MCOOL rules continue to raise concerns on both sides of the border.  Groups like NCBA, AMI, CCA and more are battling the US Government in its quest to make MCOOL a long term reality.  Obviously with the US government shut down the last two weeks, nothing is happening.  MCOOL seems to be the least of the US governments issues right now.

One of the questions many Northwestern US cattleman and Canadian feedyard owners are asking is, “will the Tyson Pasco plant be able stay open?”  Recently the plant announced that it will no longer slaughter cattle born and raised in Canada.

Kevin Grier, George Morris Center has some feelings about the situation and he shared them with Shaun Haney.  Enjoy the interview and let us know if you have any feelings on MCOOL and how it is impacting your cattle operation whether you are American or Canadian.

If you cannot here the audio interview, CLICK HERE

One thought on “Is the Tyson Pasco Plant Viable with New MCOOL Rules – Kevin Grier

  1. When are we going to get this figured out? Oil goes to the States in its raw form. Durum goes to the States in its raw form. Lumber goes to the States in its raw form. Cattle go to the States in its raw form. The US is an important market for all of Canada’s products. The issue is that more needs to be shipped in a consumer ready state and we need to continue to diversify into other markets so as to not be held hostage on a constant basis. Sometimes absence makes the heart grow fonder. They like what we send them in most of our products. The United States may need to feel the squeeze of tightening supplies, geographical barriers and increased costs trying to find supplies elsewhere. I assume it is very beneficial to the USA to trade with their closest neighbours first. Continue to try and work with our best historical ally but continue to build on a platform of value adding and moving those jobs of value adding North of the border. When opportunity knocks open the door.

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