Manitoba’s NDP government very quietly established, de-established (their word, not mine) and re-named several government ministries on Friday. How quietly? There was no press release, no official word, just an order in council that eventually got circulated to media et al. Of particular note for farmers and the agriculture community, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives (MAFRI) will know be know as the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development or MAFRD (similar to Alberta’s moniker, but a departure from the streamlined Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture, which gets my vote for Best Department Name).

A provincial rep had this to say about the change: “Rural Development is something that has always been a focus of this department and government, and the name change better reflects the priority our government has in rural development.  We want to see how we can continue to grow our rural economies so there are jobs for people that want to make rural Manitoba their home.”

There was no comment, however, on the cost of renaming several departments.

Click here for the full list of ministry name changes and general shuffling about.

One thought on “Manitoba Government Renames a Slew of Ministries, Including Agriculture

  1. I’m thinking someone in the government owed a favor to a friend in the printing industry. Frankly, no one really cares whether it’s “development” or “initiatives”, especially when it gets shortened to an acronym anyway. And of course the cost isn’t simply the printing; it’s also the shuffling around of offices and all of the “re-education” initiatives that will be needed.
    Branding is important in a competitive environment, not when you are the only show in town.

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