RealAg Market Update: Railways, Producer Cars and Crushers — Moving this Giant 2013 Crop

Farmers who banked on moving crop in September are running into road blocks left and right, even on the eve of November. A bumper crop across most crop kinds in all three Prairie Provinces is taxing Western Canada’s railway service and elevators are at or near capacity, even with huge piles of grain being stored on the ground (covered, mind you). The threat of a rail strike looms large for farmers and grain companies trying to get crops to market.

In this RealAg Market Update, Lyndsey Smith talks logistics with Brian Voth, marketing coach with Agri-Trend Marketing, who suggests that farmers frustrated by full elevators take a serious look at getting reacquainted with the producer car option. While not always feasible or a perfect system, producer cars are being delivered within a week to 10 days and are moving just fine, Voth says. Running the numbers on trucking south to the U.S. or introducing yourself to more local makets (and we use the term loosely) may also be an option for making bin space and generating cash flow. Click play below to hear more or click here if you can’t see the player.

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Farmers who haven’t used producer cars before or in the last little while can start the process by clicking here. This links out to the Canadian Grain Commission site with a decent step-by-step discussion on how to procure producer cars.



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Great photo. I drove by piles of grain all fall thinking I need to pull over and snap a picture! It’s been amazing to see.


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