Seed Hawk Founder Pat Beaujot on the Future of the Company Under Vaderstad’s Ownership

pat beaujot seed hawkIf you happen to meet Pat Beaujot these days, you’ll likely get the sense that he’s a pretty happy guy. Not only has the founder of Saskatchewan-based Seed Hawk recently sold his company to Swedish Vaderstad, he also stays on in the product development role. Imagine, for a moment, that you get to choose the best part of your job, what you love and what drives you, and ONLY do that from now on. That’s basically where Beaujot is sitting, but he and his business partner Brian Dean didn’t just look out for themselves in this sale, Beaujot notes for the 250 staff members of Langbank, Sask., this is good news too. Vaderstad and its people have been a part of the business for nearly 10 years, the head office will stay put and more jobs are on the way.

The evolution of ownership at Seed Hawk feels right, Beaujot says in this audio interview below. This move allows the company to build a presence in the North American market and continue a partnership that has served Seed Hawk well. Those fans worried the distinctive Seed Hawk logo and colours may be replaced by the quite-loud Vaderstad branding need not worry — both lines will continue to be unique, but owned by one manufacturer. 


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