Soybean Growers Can Help 4-H Young Leaders During SeCan’s Grow a Leader Week

4-H has been an integral part of the rural landscape for just over 100 years now. It’s something that’s so familiar to the young rural experience that it’s substantial contributions to the towns and cities it’s in can sometimes be overlooked. 4-H is a place where kids are exposed to all the elements that make great young leaders in a community that helps them develop and hone their skills. That solid base helps make tomorrow’s great leaders.

SeCan is one of the organizations that recognizes the contribution 4-H has made over the last 100 years and is looking to help further it. During the week of October 14th to the 21st, SeCan is donating $1 from every unit sold of Genuity RR2Y soybeans to 4H. This is a great opportunity for Ontario soybean growers to do what they do best and help develop future young leaders in the process. RealAg’s Bernard Tobin spoke to Brenda Trask of SeCan about the program.

You can visit SeCan’s website or order direct here.

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Shaun Haney

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