The Faresin Ecomode Self-Loading TMR Mixer Does the Job of 4 on the Farm

When you’ve got many hungry mouths to feed, efficiency counts. And while a big tractor or TMR mixer may help, the process of creating rations and feeding cattle can be made faster and more efficient through the use of a piece of equipment engineered specifically for the task at hand.

The Faresin Ecomdoe self-loading TMR is one large and very impressive machine. This unit rides like a pick-up truck and does the job of four pieces of equipment on the farm. The Ecomode does the job of a tractor, loader, feed mixer and bale processor all in one easy to maintain and service unit.’s editor, Lyndsey Smith, got a tour of this gigantic and very cool crab-walking machine at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show.

In this interview, Al Brodie, of Brodie Ag and Industrial at Ayr, Ont., walks us through the many, many features of this huge machine, and explains how the Italian-made unit feeds cattle 35% faster and reduces  operating costs and depreciation by 30% vs. the 4-unit set up, with less operating cost outlay.


If you cannot see the embedded video, click here.


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