Wheat School: Essential Fertility Planning for Wheat Production

Peter Johnson

Side band? Top dress? Add micros or not? When it comes to wheat production many farmers are looking to closely match crop needs with fertilizer applications, but exactly how to meet those needs brings up a host of questions.

Never fear, as Peter Johnson, cereal specialist with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food, is here to set the record straight on the essentials for wheat production. Fine-tuning with things like micros and top-dressing comes later, after you make sure you’ve got the basics nailed down. From nitrogen (N) rates and timing, to the over-thinking of micronutrients and more, it’s all here in this fertility-themed episode of the Wheat School.

As for the quesiton of how much N, click here to see @WheatPete‘s advice on that too.


If you cannot see the embedded video, click here.


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