Agreement Reached on Shipping Canadian-Grown Faller Wheat


The Canadian Plant Technology Agency (CPTA) announced today that an agreement has been reached to allow commercially-grown Faller wheat into the U.S. via ADM and its approved affiliates. Farmers should note, however, that while there are now approved ports and terminals to take the wheat, beginning in 2014, all Faller wheat grown in Canada must come from authorized sources.

Faller wheat, an North Dakota State University-developed variety, has been the subject of some legal wrangling in Canada, when it was discovered that it was being sold illegally in Canada and being grown commercially. NDSU Research Foundation (NDSURF) is entitled to royalties from the sale of Faller wheat, which it intends to collect. There are three designated terminals approved to collect the commercially grown crop. They are: Dakota Midland Grain, LLC, Walsh Grain Terminal, LLC, and Markit Country Grain, LLC.

Listen here: Lorne Hadley, with the CPTA, outlines the Faller wheat situation in Canada (from May, 2013).

The CPTA released a press release says:

NDSURF has entered into an agreement with ADM-Benson Quinn (ADM) to grant an exclusive license as the only entity permitted to import commodity grain of Faller into the United States. All such grain shall only come into the United States through ADM and their designated affiliate facilities. No other entity will be allowed to bring commodity grain of Faller into the United States.

NDSURF has notified the designated port of entry to only allow commodity grain of Faller from Canada that has the appropriate authorization from ADM. They are: Pembina, Dunseith, Portal and Neche, North Dakota and Roseau, Warroad, Baudette and Lancaster, Minnesota.

Future production of Faller by Canadian farmers will only be allowed through buying of Certified seed from NDSURF licensee- Seed Depot Corp. Faller commodity grain grown from unauthorized seed or common seed will no longer be sourced by ADM or imported by ADM after July 31, 2014.

For more information contact:

Kerry Melius, Manager Wheat Trading
ADM-Benson Quinn
Minneapolis, MN
Tel. 612-335-2975


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