In the Dirt: Maximizing the Utility of the Moldboard Plow

While it may not be the go-to piece of equipment every year, the moldboard plow can still accomplish what other implements cannot in certain circumstances. The plow’s reputation has taken a few knocks, but with careful planning and judicious use, farmers can minimize the risk of plow pan and organic matter losses and put this tool to work when needed.

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In this episode of In the Dirt, Salford’s Mark Van Veen runs through some of the critiques of the plow, how to manage the risks of a plow pan and how to work on settings, depth and speed to find that plowing sweet spot that minimizes the need for extra passes to smooth it out. Van Veen walks us through the rule of thumb for depth settings based on furrow widths, offers two strategies for minimizing or managing plow pan layers and tips for conserving soil organic matter. All that and more in the video below.

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