Preg-checking cattle can feel a little bit like heartbreak when the vet yells, “open!” But the disappointment of selling a good cow is nothing compared to the devastation that can occur from an undetected breeding problem. Feeding cows over winter is not cheap, nor is it always easy (as some of us newbies learned from last year’s devastating spring snowstorms). Besides taking some of the guesswork out, preg-checking can also alert you to disease or nutrient problems before they worsen.

Like many of the routine jobs on the farm, preparation seems pretty simple, right? Bring the cows in, separate the calves, shake the vet’s hand and get to it! But, there’s actually a little more to consider than that.

In this video, Steve Hendrick, veterinarian and associate professor at the University of Saskatchewan, describes the ideal time to preg-check, how to prepare your handling system and what you need to communicate with the veterinarian. 

Oh, and how do you mark your open cows? Hot pink or “Rider Pride” green?

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