Plan to Attend January’s 2014 Saskatchewan Beef Industry Conference

If you’re a cattle producer in Western Canada, I expect you’ll find an opportunity for a mid-winter change of scenery rather interesting. Although the Saskatchewan Beef Industry Conference organizers likely won’t guarantee warm temperatures or a lack of snow, they are offering the chance to attend an industry tradeshow, breed and association meetings and the Saskatchewan Beef and Forage Symposium all in the same week.

Saskatchewan Beef Industry Conference: January 22-24, 2014 – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

What’s it all about? Well, we caught up with Greg Penner, assistant professor at the University of Saskatchewan and co-chairman of the Saskatchewan Beef & Forage Symposium Committee, to find out more. In this video, Penner gives us the lowdown on the event, including when/where it will be held, who should think about attending (you), what you can expect to learn and why you should schedule it in.

To see the agenda, or to register, check out:

If you cannot see the embedded video, click here.


Debra Murphy

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