Water Treatment Competition Announced for Saskatchewan Communities

Five small communities in Saskatchewan have a chance to try out a new water-purification system valued at $45,000 in a competition that seeks to find Saskatchewan’s worst water.

The system was developed by Tec-Water Supplies Inc’s Bill Kidd, and uses a coagulant (or floc) to join the particles that cause turbidity in water. Once the particles are large enough, they settle, making separation much easier. Little maintenance is required for the Floc System, and because it runs in batches (as opposed to continuous, like in urban centres), it has great potential for smaller communities.

The technology is currently being used at Sun Dale, but Tec-Water is looking for a challenge, hence the competition. Communities with less than 1000 residents, and poor quality source water are eligible to apply starting November 6, 2013, and the winners will be announced in February, with mini-module trailer units onsite for the summer of 2014.

To find out more, watch our video with Bill Kidd and Joely Kidd of Tec-Water Supplies Inc and check out their website.

If you cannot view the embedded video, click here.


Debra Murphy

Debra Murphy is a Field Editor based out of east central Alberta, where she never misses a moment to capture with her camera the real beauty of agriculture. Follow her on Twitter @RealAg_Debra


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