Changes to Canada’s variety registration system and staying competitive and innovative were hot topics at this week’s Canadian Seed Trade Association semi-annual meeting. Federal agriculture minister Gerry Ritz was on hand at the CSTA semi-annual meeting to announce a $100,000 worth of funding for the seed industry, but after that announcement the discussion turned to several other topics.

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The minister of agriculture took questions from media on a variety of topics, from the logistics of moving the large 2013 harvest, to revenue caps for railways and, as expected, on variety registration in Canada. The video below is a snapshot of the media scrum (so if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be in the middle of one, now you know) from CSTA. In the video, you’ll hear his answers on Canada implementing Upov 91, a potential timeline, plus his answers to questions on regulating railways and more.

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One thought on “Will Canada Implement Upov 91 by August 2014?

  1. This legislation will probably pass in the next couple of years or sooner . I am concerned about how royalties will be collected on new and old varieties of farm saved seed because seed companies will have an option to collect on all harvested grains that would be protected under PBR

    Will this benefit us the farmers or will it benefit the private plant breeders or will we all win?

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