Greg Peterson on Becoming Famous and their Newest Katy Perry-dy, “Chore”

The Peterson Farm Bros became an internet sensation overnight, with the release of their first parody, “I’m Farming and I Grow It” on June 25, 2012. Within a week of its release, the video went viral, and while still in shock, they were flown to New York City and back for an appearance on Fox News.

Well, it appears these farm-stars have no desire to be one-hit wonders, as they have since released numerous parodies, including “A Fresh Breath of Farm Air” and “Farmer Style.” And, hot off the press? A Katy Perry-dy: “Chore.”

Greg Peterson, the eldest of the Peterson Farm Brothers, spoke last week in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan at both the Farm Forum Event and the Farm Animal Council of Saskatchewan’s annual conference. We were able to corner Peterson for a video interview at Farm Forum, where we talked about Peterson’s parodic-inspiration and, of course, their newest work.

If you cannot view the embedded video, click here.


Debra Murphy

Debra Murphy is a Field Editor based out of central Alberta, where she never misses a moment to capture with her camera the real beauty of agriculture. Follow her on Twitter @RealAg_Debra


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This parody from the Peterson family is my favorite because it has such a strong message. Flipping it from cows to consumers was smart and well said! It gave me goose bumps!


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