The ballots are in and counted, and the first seven-member board of the Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission (SWDC) has been named.

The board members, with their hometowns, are:

  • Rod Flaman, Edenwold – 4 year term
  • Ken Rosaasen, Saskatoon – 4 year term
  • Bill Gehl, Regina – 4 year term
  • Glenn Tait, Meota – 4 year term
  • Dan Danielson, Saskatoon – 2 year term
  • Laura Reiter, Radisson – 2 year term
  • Bill Rosher, Kindersely – 2 year term

In total, 2,196 ballots were received, of that number 84 were rejected, leaving 2,112 ballots to be counted. Just under 25,000 ballots were sent out, pegging voter response was around 9 per cent.


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