There likely isn’t a farmer around who’d give up their autosteer. Once technology gets integrated into the farming system, it’s more likely that you’re going to add capability, not take it away. That said, when you’re ready move past basic guidance and into true precision agriculture, where do you start?

Stuart Lawrence, territory manager with Ag Leader Technology, joins Shaun Haney for this episode of the Dow AgroSciences’ TechTour to discuss exactly that topic. Lawrence not only highlights some of what’s new and exciting with Ag Leader for this coming growing season, but he also offers up some tips for right-sizing technology for your farming operation.

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From push button, to full integration, watch the video below for Shaun and Stuart’s take on how precision ag integrates into the modern farm.

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One thought on “TechTour: Finding the Right Precision Ag Set Up for Your Farm

  1. I gave up my autosteer, it is sitting in a box in the shop. I only ever used it to guide my tractor while I was discing and for seeding grass. I wish I never spent the $ 6,000.00 on it they don’t work all that well in the north. In the afternoons they are really bad. I can steer it better manually than the autosteer can.

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