The Nozzle Sprays at Midnight: A Farming Smarter Conference Recap with Ken Coles

There are many times during the busy conference season that I wish I could clone myself so that I could attend every meeting that interests me. While Twitter does a great job of bridging the gap at times, there’s still nothing quite like actually sitting in on a fascinating discussion on new research findings and innovative production practices or hearing from captivating presenters. Because I missed out on the Farming Smarter conference last week, I decided to follow up with Ken Coles, general manager of the applied research association, to talk about what I missed.

The Farming Smarter conference ran last week, in the midst of, well, inclement weather is putting it mildly. Still, over 200 participants braved terrible roads and high winds to attend the event, and those that did were not disappointed. Coles was on the agenda for two topics, the effectiveness of spraying at night and precision farm mapping options, so we talk about both of those, plus he and I discuss the Twitter buzz surrounding hosting Dr. Don Huber, retired Purdue University professor and vocal glyphosate critic, on the agenda.

Click here for proceedings from the conference, including presentations.

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Lyndsey Smith

Lyndsey Smith is a field editor for RealAgriculture. A self-proclaimed agnerd, Lyndsey is passionate about all things farming but is especially thrilled by agronomy and livestock production.


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Diogenes the Science Nerd

With regards to inviting Don Huber to the conference: The man is a crank. He has published nothing, released none of the new class of life he’s “found” (micro fungi), and he’s traded his stature as an emeritus professor for fame and headlines.

It’s no different than inviting a homeless guy with the DT’s to speak. Sure, he has a viewpoint. Sure he’s articulate. Sure, he’s got followers proclaiming him a messiah. But his arguments are invalid, they’re not science, and it’s not “balanced” to give him equal time. Tens of thousands of actual scientists literally and figuratively outweigh the unsubstantiated and scientifically implausible ravings of pseudoscientific crackpot. Regardless of the number of google hits his name creates.


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