Year: 2013

This Week on RealAg — The December 20th Edition

After a few months of the Agronomy Geeks podcasts, I’ve learned a few things. Like how I still don’t like the sound of my own voice, but that I really do love agronomy enough to push through that and continue. While I do enjoy exploring new topics, perhaps what I’m enjoying most are the people… Read more »

FarmTech14 Preview – Cami Ryan – Engaging in Complex Biotech Conversations

Starting and participating in ag and food conversations can be difficult and intimidating. Misrepresentation of industry in the media (Chipotle, Panera Bread and A&W), issues like mad cow disease, avian flu virus, and the XL food scandal, not to mention the controversies around genetically modified foods make for a very complex conversation terrain. Follow Cami… Read more »

Agronomy Geeks, Western Canadian Edition — Ep. 4: How do we lose N? Let me count the ways

Ever had a soil test come back with some surprising nitrogen levels? While it’s typically lower than expected (don’t we all wish N didn’t just disappear?), every now and then a crop may have left some behind due to any number of factors, like water availability, timing of mineralization or some other something that maybe… Read more »

Wind Energy Producers Get Rural Canada’s Warning: Don’t be a Scrooge

Kinder, gentler wind energy producers are emerging, the kind that share the benefits from wind installations with their neighbours and their community. They’re wading into a maelstrom of discontent, but it appears their approach is striking a chord in some parts of rural Canada. Last week the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA), an advocacy group… Read more »

Bioenterprise is Helping Canadian Agri-Technology Companies Develop Leading Edge Products

Innovation is the key to any entrepreneur’s heart.  Being a start-up or getting through the incubation period can be extremely taxing on the founder and staff members.  Many great ideas die before they ever get a chance to achieve prototype, commercialization or global distribution. Read More: Check out the Bioenterprise Website If you have a… Read more »

TechTour: Light Up the Boom to Extend the Day’s Spraying Window

The best spray application you can do is the one applied at the right time — the right leaf stage, the right point in the disease cycle, the right time of day for insect control. But weather conditions don’t always cooperate, plus with more acres to cover per farmer or sprayer, a product or products… Read more »

Acapela Fungicide Approved for Sclerotinia Control on Canola

Canola growers now have access to a new option to defend their crops against the long-time disease threat of sclerotinia. DuPont Crop Protection today announced that the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) has approved a label addition allowing the use of DuPont Acapela fungicide in canola for control of sclerotinia. Todd Friday, Saskatoon-based Pulse and… Read more »

Talking to Farmers – Cattle Fitters Edition

We took the opportunity while at Canadian Western Agribition this year to find a different kind of farmer for our Talking to Farmers feature. It wasn’t hard to round up enough cowfolk to cover some of the basics of showing cattle. And, between being asked to be filmed and starting the interview, many of the cattle fitters… Read more »

Because it’s Neat — See How the Wind Blows

While we may forever ask who has seen the wind (thanks, W.O. Mitchell!), now you can…sort of. John Gruber, a writer and blogger from Philadelphia, hosts, a science-y website for all things super cool. His latest post caught our attention, as not only is it pretty (see image above), it’s actually rather facsincating. Monday’s… Read more »

John Deere & Dow AgroSciences Announce Precision Data Collaboration

Dow AgroSciences and John Deere have announced the companies will collaborate to “develop approaches and technology that will deliver data and provide information to farmers that will assist in the execution of site-specific applications to improve yields and manage costs.” Specifically, Dow AgroSciences has signed on to leverage the MyJohnDeere platform and new cloud-based technologies… Read more »

Finally, The Right Kind of “Agvocacy”

I’m no psychologist, psychiatrist or sociologist, but I understand from discussions with experts that as social creatures, humans are prone to experiencing “group mentality.” Quite simply: we are easily influenced by the thoughts and actions of our associates. We also tend to associate with like-minded individuals, who reinforce our biases. It is my concern that… Read more »

Soybean School: The Increasing Threat of White Mould

Each disease threat is unique. Some pathogens are carried on wind or insects, others live in the soil and some reside on crop residue. The expected pressure of a disease for next year is largely dependent on how a disease is spread — those that winter in the soil or on residue are the most… Read more »

Grain & Trains: How Oil is Part of the Solution to Western Canadian Logistic Woes

Farmers are understandably frustrated by slow grain movements out of the Prairies this year, as a giant crop has western ports at a stand-still. The finger is often pointed at oil tankers hogging all the railway tonne-miles as a major part of slow grain movement off the Prairies, but as with any logistical problem, the… Read more »

Beef Market Update – 2013 Brought Some Big Changes From Start to Finish

Change is constant. The year of 2013 has brought significant changes to the market conditions for feedyard operators and ranchers across Canada. Not only have prices for fats and feeders risen, but the Canadian Dollar and feed prices have dropped lower. When you add all this up it means that margins for producers are in… Read more »

Tackling Herbicide Resistance in Song — The Wild Radish Song

Let’s face it, change is difficult. And change for the sake of avoiding a problem in the long-term can seem exceedingly cumbersome. If that sentence makes you think about managing for herbicide resistance, you’re not alone. But no longer is this a “what if” for Canada — several types of weeds and several types of… Read more »