AgDays 2014 Wrap up: Rye Bread & Kolbassa, Plus What the Show Should Steal From Ikea

(If you’ve never been to a Manitoba social, a) you’re totally missing out! b) you won’t get the title of this post, and, c) you should ask a Manitoban about the very specific food that is consumed at one. Moving on…)

Mr. Shaun Haney, very productive interviewer, and Ms. Lyndsey Smith, editor and Manitoban, managed to get their act together long enough to record a 10 minute wrap up of the 2014 Brandon Ag Days. In this incredibly serious interview, Haney and Smith cover off the following: what it would be like to sleep at Ikea, at least two good ideas for AgDays 2014, the Dow AgroSciences’ TechTour, what people eat at socials, logistics problems and possible solutions, the weather and how much more productive Shaun is than Lyndsey.

If you can’t see the embedded player, click here.


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