While each and every wonder of the corn plant reaching maximum yields hinges on the weather, there are several other factors that have a measurable impact on yield. At the recent FarmSmart conference at Guelph, Ont., Bernard Tobin spoke with Dr. Fred Below, from the Universtiy of Illinois, to discuss the seven wonders of 300 bushel corn yields and how each factor can be shaped by farmers’ management decisions.

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From the right rate and placement of nitrogen (with weather the wild card on potential losses) accounting for 70 bushels, to hybrid selection making up another 50 bushel swing, to the impact of crop rotation (soybean roots leave big gaps for corn roots to fill, meaning there are penalties for corn on corn). Below also notes that farmers should get comfortable with pushing corn populations, as new genetics really can handle the numbers. And where does tillage fit in? And what about growth promotants? Below tacks a number on to the contribution to yield of these two factors in the video below.

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