In case you missed it, RealAgriculture’s content creation team was at FarmTech 2014 this week. (If the site has seemed a little quiet of late, that’s why. All the fun was happening on Twitter, so you should join us there.)

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As is our custom, we sat down at the tail end of the conference to go over a few of the highlights and our favourite aspects of the conference. Joined by show organizer and possible secret agent Rick Taillieu, Shaun Haney, Debra Murphy and Lyndsey Smith stole the keynote speaker’s spotlight to recap the show, share their thoughts on Cmdr. Chris Hadfield’s banquet talk about his “little trip” to space plus we learn a very surprising thing about how Rick and Shaun communicate. (Hint: It’s not through Rick’s super spy-like ear piece).

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2 thoughts on “FarmTech Wrap Up: Relentless Optimism, Choose Your Own Adventure Sessions & the Rick’s Surprising Use of Technology

  1. Love it, thanks so much for the post-conference wrap-up. What a great experience. You’re right on Sean – there’s a difference between running a farm and managing a farm. Glad Rick and the team are putting so much emphasis on Farm Management. Count us in for years to come!

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