Lemken Rolls Out the Rubin 12 Compact-Disc Harrow

Farmers can look forward to a new LEMKEN compact-disc for the 2014 growing season, as the company rolls out the Rubin 12 compact-disc harrow for primary tillage applications.

Designed to work at depths of 5 to 8 inches, the Rubin 12 delivers intensive, uniform mixing and crumbling in one pass – even in very heavy soil – making it an ideal primary tillage tool for corn growers in the fall, according to LEMKEN’s press release. Featuring the ability to incorporate heavy residue to deeper depths, the Rubin 12 works quickly, operating in the six- to 10 mph-range.

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The Rubin 12 is the first compact-disc harrow to offer 29-inch serrated discs – the largest on the market. The symmetrical positioning of those concave discs eliminates the side pulling commonly experienced with compact-discs, ensuring the Rubin 12 pulls straight behind the tractor, LEMKEN says. A new Central Hydraulic Depth Adjustment on the unit means farmers set the working depth of the discs from their cab. The Rubin 12 is offered in widths ranging from 10 to 20 feet with a variety of hitch options including a mounted, semi-mounted and trailed version. The semi-mounted version features a Uni-wheel, which mechanically lifts the roller and reduces the weight load on the rear tractor axle when the implement is raised for easy road transport and outstanding maneuverability on the headlands.

LEMKEN sees a fit for the intensive tillage beyond corn fields as well, as many grain, canola, pulse, and vegetable growers across Canada deal with more and more trash and want to work the soil deeper for better residue management. The Rubin 12 is also well suited for breaking pasture, due to its depth and large disc diameter, says LEMKEN.


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We have a 10M. They need to do some work on this before anyone pushes this too hard.

Shaun Haney

Do you think its the design of the machine or it the way that it is built that is the issue for you you?


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