Nearly $4.2M Announced for Livestock and Forage Related Projects in Saskatchewan

Minister Lyle Stewart

Saskatoon, SK – Saskatchewan Agriculture Minister Lyle Stewart and Member of Parliament Kelly Block announced a nearly $4.2M investment into 27 livestock and forage related research projects today, on behalf of the federal government.

“Our government is committed to supporting agriculture research,” Stewart said.  “The funding provided through the Agriculture Development Fund results in innovations that lead to increased productivity and profitability for our producers.”

The funding will support a plethora of projects, with just over $1.8M for the beef industry. The research projects include: developing new vaccines for cattle herds, improving reproductive efficiency,  researching the effects of ergot-contaminated feed and improving marbling  and carcass yield in beef.

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“We find that it pays big dividends for us to do research in Saskatchewan about what works best for our cattle and forage industries,” Stewart said to members of the media at the Saskatchewan Beef Industry Conference.

This announcement comes on the heels of a nearly $7M investment into 46 crop-related research projects, and is supported by the Saskatchewan Agriculture Development Fund (ADF), under Growing Forward 2.


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