TechTour: “Smart-Scout” Your Field with some help from GEOSYS

The only data that’s useful is data you can…well…use. On the farm, that means data that can translate into a decision, without the use of an interpreter, quickly and efficiently. Many companies currently offer all kinds of data collection services for your operation. The real question is, how will that impact what you do tomorrow? Can you use that data to make some practical decisions like, deciding where to spray or what field to harvest first?


In this episode of the Dow AgroSciences TechTour, Shaun Haney talks to Dave Norris of GEOSYS. GEOSYS is a precision farming service that uses daily satellite imagery and other data to help producers monitor their crops and make those practical, day to day decisions based on information collected through the GEOSYS network and presented to the producer in a very user-friendly way.

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