Winnipeg Chosen as Home Base for Cereals Canada

Cities, such as Winnipeg, need to find ways to recycle phosphorus and other nutrients for crop production, says Don Flaten of the University of Manitoba.

With a nod to tradition, Cereals Canada has announced Winnipeg, Manitoba, as the chosen city to house the headquarters of the organization.

“A great deal of thought and consideration went into making this decision,” says Greg Porozni, Cereals Canada chair, in a press release. “Through this process it became clear to us that Winnipeg will best serve the long term needs of the organization.”

When considering a location for its future headquarters, the Cereals Canada Board of Directors took several key elements into account including accessibility, available services, affordability and proximity to a number of key industry partners and organizations. Winnipeg’s centralized location also works best with both eastern and western time zones, which offers greater flexibility for the organization’s national membership, according to the organization.

Winnipeg is also home to organizations such as the Canadian International Grains Institute and the Canadian Grain Commission, which will be integral working relationships for Cereals Canada.

“Location is key and situating Cereals Canada in Winnipeg reflects our commitment to being able to effectively serve the entire cereal grains value chain across Canada,” adds Porozni. “Establishing roots in Winnipeg will enable us to align with and stay focused on ensuring the profitability and long-term sustainability of all elements of the value chain associated with Canada’s cereal grains industry.”

Cereals Canada is also in the process of hiring its first president to head up Cereals Canada operations.


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Sure would have liked it better in Saskatchewan, but I guess that was dreaming.

shirley thomas

As a current employee of the Lucerne Cheese plant in wpg, I will be seeking employment in Sept, due to plant closure. I have 19 1/2 years in retail and factory production line service. Are you seeking employees for your business. I grew up on a farm and return to the farm 2 years ago. I could send in a resume in. I look forward to your reply Thank-you. Shirley Thomas


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