You + X = Successful Farm, What is the Value of X?

All of us have attended a seminar in the past that provides us with the key criteria to make your farm successful.  In many cases these are quite broad and not very personalized.  For some fun, lets narrow it down and focus on one question that allows only one solution.

I present you with a very simple math equation  that provides the opportunity for many interpretations depending on your farm situation.

YOU + X = A Successful Farm

In your opinion what is the value of X on your farm.  Please don’t answer for your neighbor or what people expect to be the answer.   What is the one thing that enables your farm to be successful?

Solve for X in the comment section and let us know why you believe in it.

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5 thoughts on “You + X = Successful Farm, What is the Value of X?

  1. I have to agree with Jim Rogers theory that the largest factor to farm success is farm management. So my X is farm management and continuous improvement of it

    1. I’d agree. My first thoughts were along those same lines, and included business savvy plus ownership of production through the value chain, access to capital, family support …there are so many things that work together!

    1. This is really true David. Timing plays an important role in agronomics, marketing and overall farm financial management. Great answer.

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