Assure II Registered for Control of Downy Brome

DuPont Crop Protection announced today that oilseed and pulse growers have access to a tool against a weed that’s steadily becoming more prevalent in Western Canada. DuPont Assure II herbicide has been registered for control of downy brome in canola, flax, peas, lentils, dry beans and other oilseed and pulse crops, the company says.. Assure II is also registered on these crops to control foxtail barley, green and yellow foxtail, volunteer cereals, wild oats and other grassy weeds.

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According to Todd Friday, market segment manager with DuPont Crop Protection: “Downy brome is a weed that’s expanding rapidly across the West,” he says. “It’s also hard to control, and until now, no product in the category was registered for this purpose.”

Assure II has a wide application window, applicability to many crops, lack of re-cropping restrictions and long list of tank-mix partners. Among these tank-mixes, growers count on Assure II to bring extra grass activity to Liberty herbicide in InVigor canola. It’s also a trusted addition to glyphosate in Roundup Ready canola.

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