Corn School: Silage Hybrid Selection — Dual Purpose or Silage Specific?

Should you stick with silage specific hybrids or include a few (or more) dual purpose lines for good measure? Both strategies can work, says Aaron Stevanus, market agronomist for PRIDE Seeds, it simply depends on your management system.

Leafy, highly digestible silage-specific lines are a great choice, especially near the barn on highly fertile ground, but there could be an argument made to expand the hybrid selection to some dual purpose lines on some tougher ground or as a marketing management tool.

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In this episode of the Corn School, filmed at the Canadian Dairy Xpo, Stevanus and Bern Tobin discuss how tonnage needs, silage consistency and the harvest time frame all factor in to hybrid selection and making the call to choose dual purpose over silage-specific. Stevanus also outlines factors that impacted silage quality last year and how to work what you learned last year into this year’s management.

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