Easing the Logistics Burden in the Immediate, Short & Long Term: Gordon Bacon

If there’s one topic farmers can’t get enough of this month, it’s rail movement. Eclipsing even crop prices, logistics and rail movement was the topic of discussion from breakfast to late-night beverages at FarmTech ’14 last week. RealAgriculture’s editor, Lyndsey Smith, sat down with Gordon Bacon, CEO of Pulse Canada, to talk about the three time frames the industry needs to address in this logistics nightmare.

Hear more: Details of the Pulse Canada-led logistics performance project are here

From the impact on crop rotations, to the goal of big crops like the 2013 crop, to the pressure cracks that have begun to show, Smith and Bacon walk through some of what will be monitored and reported on under a new 5-year supply chain performance review and discuss some of the potential improvement strategies moving forward.

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