There’s a need in the Middle East for many of the crops that Canada grows. The area is production light and demand heavy — the city of Dubai, specifically, is also a major trading and processing hub for several other markets. But getting volumes of grain to the region is challenging and expensive. Of course, where there is opportunity, innovation follows, and Nicole Rogers’ company Agriprocity is doing just that by connecting farmers and buyers directly, cutting out the middle-man-grain handler.

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It’s not a lowest price system either, she explains in this interview filmed at the inaugural CropConnect conference. Instead, this container-based system is built on a cost of production plus margin model and allows for farmers to close up a container and transfer title on that grain without it even leaving the yard. Sound too good to be true? With any system there are risks, of course, and containers still use rail to move, but as Rogers explains (and as you can read about on the website) in this interview, Agriprocity is designed to capture efficiency by being a total disruption to the current supply chain model.

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  1. We farm 11000 acres at Lloydminster,Alberta. Your concept in marketing seems to have merit in which we would like to explore. Do you do personnel visits to farms to explain in detail your strategies. Our location is 30 kms south of Lloydminster along the AB/SASK border. Thanks Al

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