Month: March 2014

Canfax Mobile App Helps Producers Make Informed Marketing Decisions

Cattle producers all along the supply chain now have access to a new, free market prices app based on historical Canfax data. Using Canadian pricing and continually updating with new pricing information, the CanFax CFX Pro mobile app is applicable and useful for all Canadian cattle producers, says Brian Perillat, with Canfax. Developed with industry… Read more »

CIGI CEO Announces Retirement

Cigi’s board of directors announced today the retirement of Earl Geddes, chief executive officer (CEO), effective September 8, 2014. Since 2009, Geddes has led Cigi through a challenging period including a transition in marketing from the Canadian Wheat Board monopoly era to an open marketing system for wheat and barley in Western Canada. Also, during… Read more »

Canola School: Strategies for Saving on Seed Costs

Canola seed size has climbed in recent years from a once-common 4 grams per 1,000 kernel weight to north of 7 grams per 1,000 seeds. What does that mean to you, the farmer? It means that if you’ve stuck with your typical four pounds per acre seeding rate (and there are good reasons to do… Read more »

4 Ways to Achieve a Vigourous Crop

As seeding approaches, one of the most common topics I hear discussed is vigour.  A vigourous plant stand comes from a healthy seed that is out of the ground and competing in a timely fashion. This can mean fewer days to maturity, quicker ground cover, better weed competition, a more robust rooting system better able… Read more »

Hold Your Judgement on Kathleen Wynne’s Agriculture Record: Stewart Skinner

After I wrote an editorial piece on Kathleen Wynne’s absence at the GFO meeting last week (click here for that), many people agreed with my take. In the true spirit of, some readers thought I was incorrect and called me out on it. Long-time RealAgriculture follower Stewart Skinner contacted me and said, “Slow down,… Read more »

The 2014 Grain Summit: Solving Logistics Challenges, the Revenue Cap & More

  In light of grain logistics challenges, the University of Saskatchewan’s Department of Bioresource Policy, Business and Economics hosted a Grain Handling and Transportion Summit in Saskatoon this week. Besides hearing presentations from stakeholders along the rail supply chain, delegates were also given the opportunity to voice their concerns, ask their questions and propose their… Read more »

An Elevating CWB, Fair Rail and the Threat of War in Russia

If you cannot see the embedded player, click here. The grain trade this week was mostly higher as solid export numbers and lingering concerns over dryness and the political state of Eastern Europe hung over market. With Russian troop numbers building at the Russian-Ukrainian border, more than a few intelligence analysts are reminded of a… Read more »

TechTour: Manage Mud with the Roto Mud Scraper

For anyone who has ever had to seed in wet or very wet conditions, mud is a four letter word. For those in heavy, sticky clays, mud is also synonymous with a poor planting job, often gumming up the equipment and messing up the seed bed. While there’s no point in pushing hard when it’s… Read more »

Blowing the Whistle on Logistics: Ritz on the Fair Rail for Grain Farmers Act

Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz was in Saskatoon today to discuss logistics legislation with stakeholders and industry representatives across the rail supply chain. “The new Fair Rail for Grain Farmers Act will put into law clear measures to support the world-class logistics system that gets Canada’s agriculture products and other bulk commodities to market in a… Read more »

Can you Turn the Ranch Around? How Tomahawk Ranch Did Just That

There’s a saying about horses — no foot, no horse. To apply it to the ranch, it may go: no grass, no ranch. In Grant Taillieu’s case you can compound that problem by adding “no money” to the mix. When Grant and his father Gerry Taillieu took over management of the Tomahawk Ranch, it was… Read more »

In the Dirt: Assessing Early Spring Soil Conditions & Devising a Plan of Attack

As the snow slowly recedes and farmers are itching to get the clover on (but not N yet, please!), now is a great time of year to make assessments on the condition the seedbed left by fall field work. You can learn a lot taking the time now to tour your fields, eye up some… Read more »

Planting Corn in Alberta? Here’s What You Need to Know

It seems more and more producers are interested in growing corn in Canada, with interest spanning as far north as North Battleford, and increasingly, west into Alberta. In fact, the grain area in Alberta increased nearly 297% from 2006 to 2011, according to Stats Canada. Besides growing corn for grain, many cattle producers are using… Read more »

Air Spring Suspension, Accuracy & All-Wheel-Drive: AGCO’s New RG700 Sprayer

The RG700 sprayer is AGCO’s newest addition to the market, with 165HP, a 700 gallon tank, and a single hydrostatic 110cc drive system, meaning infinite speed systems without the burden of shifting. In the field, the RG700’s air spring suspension system and parallel c-channel flex frame makes for a smooth ride, with constant adjustment as… Read more »

Sustainable Food Production Comes in Many Forms, Not Just Organic

My daughter Kate and I headed out last Sunday afternoon to Kitchener to hear about a new – and what I consider very different – food service being debuted at the storied Walper Hotel. Up the staircase through the doors of the second-floor terrace ballroom, 250 curious guests were lining up at more than a… Read more »

An Audio Re-Cap of the Grain Handling and Logistics Summit

Debra Murphy took in the the first ever Grain Handling and Logistics Summit in Saskatoon today. Near the end of the day, she and RealAgriculture editor Lyndsey Smith re-capped the hot topics of the day, a day filled with tough questions and even tougher answers. From a representative from CN Rail who didn’t wait around… Read more »