Air Spring Suspension, Accuracy & All-Wheel-Drive: AGCO’s New RG700 Sprayer

Photo Courtesy of RoGator's RG700 Image Gallery

The RG700 sprayer is AGCO’s newest addition to the market, with 165HP, a 700 gallon tank, and a single hydrostatic 110cc drive system, meaning infinite speed systems without the burden of shifting.

Photo Courtesy of AGCO via RoGator's RG700 Image Gallery

Photo Courtesy of AGCO via RoGator’s RG700 Image Gallery

In the field, the RG700’s air spring suspension system and parallel c-channel flex frame makes for a smooth ride, with constant adjustment as load weight changes, consistent height, constant wheel-to-ground contact and less wear and tear. Its traction control and all wheel drive ensure all four wheels are spinning at the same speed, limiting the likelihood of getting stuck.

The RG700 has a crop clearance of up to 54″, can travel up to 30mph on the road and is available in two adjustable track widths and two boom widths with full-boom and tip breakaway. It is also one of the best sprayers available for growers who value precision.

In the video below, RealAgriculture’s Bernard Tobin speaks to John Lipscomb of AGCO to learn more about the RG700’s key features, its efficiency and what makes it such a powerful tool for precision agriculture.

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