A New Multi-Mode of Action Tool in the Fight Against Resistant Kochia

If you suspect herbicide resistance on your farm, what’s your plan to manage it? More and more, farmers are tuning in to the increased risk of not just Group 1 and Group 2 resistant weeds, but also those that are developing resistance to Group 9 — old faithful glyphosate.

Kochia, an already wily weed that’s tough to kill, has been confirmed as resistant to glyphosate in each of the Prairie Provinces. Not all growing regions have confirmed resistance, but the tumbleweed nature of kochia should have every farmer looking for spray “misses” or escapes this year and developing a management plan to go hand-in-hand with increased awareness.

One of the tools for preventing, delaying or managing glyphosate resistance is tank-mixing. Multi-modes of action applied in the same spray window works to wipe out these resistant biotypes and will help to extend the useful life of effective and low-cost products. One new option, especially for southern Alberta farmers, is Korrex, a Dow AgroSciences’ product, that, when mixed with glyphosate, offers three modes of action for pre-seed burn-down ahead of cereals.

In this interview, RealAgriculture’s Shaun Haney talks to Scott Middleton, of Dow AgroSciences, about Korrex, herbicide resistance management and the importance of tank mixing.

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