If you thought the air was cool from the rural community towards the performance of Ontario Premier and agriculture minister Kathleen Wynne, it was showcased at the Grain Farmers of Ontario March Classic in London, Ont., this week. Not only was she scheduled to be on the agenda and did not show but after her taped video address, the 700 farmer delegates were dead silent after the address. It was quiet as a morgue, literally.

As one attendee stated:

“Zero applause during her video address. Pretty much tells the story of what rural Ontario thinks of the current government.”

Was this silence disrespectful? Maybe, but I think it’s just people being honest. The rural community of Ontario is not happy at all with the Liberal government, Premier and agriculture minister Wynne. Bottom line.  

To be fair, I am not sure where she was instead of at the London Convention Center. It may have been a meeting that was of great importance to the province. It does showcase again why it is difficult for a premier to do what a  party leader does and be the agriculture minister. Farmers are the ones that lose in the end in this situation. The question is whether rural Ontario has enough political votes to make her lose at the end of the next election.

4 thoughts on “Farmers Unimpressed with Premier Kathleen Wynne’s No-Show at GFO March Classic

  1. I think we were very lucky not to have to listen to her in person and waste more time than the video took! Rural Ontario have been shafted in recent months by this Premier following an even more pounding by her predecessor Dalton. It is becoming very apparent that this Government in 10 years has done more harm to our Province than any other Government. They have raised taxes in many areas, stripped away the rights of Municipalities to have a say with turbines. The latest cut in OMPF to Municipalities by 20% over 2 years will hit rural taxpayers AGAIN on their property tax bills or cuts to services in rural areas! Oh did I mention skyrocketing electricity rates?? Her challenge to double Agriculture related jobs is never going to happen because Ontario is now one of the least desired places to open a new business from having the highest electricity rates in North America and all the red tape to running a small business. Those farmers that signed a wind lease had better savour that money because it was a ploy to lose many rights to their land in the future and cause an environmental nightmare for the next generation. The sooner there is an election in Ontario to rid us of this next to criminal Government the better off we all will be!

      1. She was at a bakery in the GTA regarding agri-processing jobs. I’m not sure that was the official word but that is where she was according to a couple people connected to the Liberal party.

  2. Of course it had something to do with the GTA because they are the ONLY supporters of this corrupt Government. She will do whatever it takes to hold on to the support there. She knows that rural Ontario is a lost cause

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