Recropping Restrictions Changed on Authority Label

The Pest Management Regulatory Agency has approved the registration of a 12 month recrop interval for canola and a 24 month recrop interval for lentils after use of Authority.  This means growers who used Authority in the spring of 2013 can plant canola in 2014 and lentils in 2015 on that land.

“This label change means that growers can now have full assurance their cropping rotations will not be affected by using Authority herbicides,” states David Strilchuk, country manager for FMC Canada.

Authority Herbicides provide growers with a group 14 mode of action for residual control of kochia, redroot pigweed, wild buckwheat, lamb’s-quarters and other annual broadleaf weeds. With weed resistance an increasing concern for farms in the prairies, rotating Authority into their crop protection program may prolong the effective life of all chemistries available. Authority herbicides are currently registered for use in field peas, flax, chickpeas and sunflowers with additional crops to be added soon.

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