What shape is your farm record keeping system in? Do you write things into a journal? Do you write your records on a sheet of paper and then watch it blow around the truck all summer and possibly out the window as you drive down the highways at 120 km/h. There are other options.

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This week on the TechTour, Shaun Haney talks to Himanshu Singh, Co-Founder of Farm at Hand, a cloud based iPhone (android coming soon) app that allows you to track, record and share your farm records while you are on the go.

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3 thoughts on “TechTour – Farm at Hand Makes Record Keeping Easy and Affordable from a Mobile Device

  1. I’m wondering. It takes money to build programs and promote them, and at some time money needs to be made back too or it will die. My music app was free but now it is no longer supported so I have to try and switch to a new one, and that’s a pain. Is this funded by a government grant as a gift to the people like the Farm Credit app? Or is there a plan to sell off all the farmers data to the big companies? Or is there a plan to flip the whole program to a big company once there are a lot of farmers using it? Shouldn’t the farmers have some say in this? I checked their website, they already have a big list of employees, and it says it is free just because they want to do their part to feed humanity, but those employees must be getting paychecks. Still wondering.

    1. Hi all, I am one of the founder of Farm At Hand, and I am also a farmer from North East SK. As a farmer, this played a big part in us as a company deciding to provide a program to the farmer for free, no catches, no hidden agendas. I as a farmer take a lot of risk each and every year, one thing I don’t need to risk is record keeping, it is integral to every farming operation and needs to be done efficiently.

      I understand and know how important your information and data is to you, the farmer. So, to address your data, we do not sell your data – your data is your data.

      Our purpose for building this company is to provide tools for the farmers and build a platform for the entire industry from farmer to the agribusiness. Coming soon will be complimentary software and services for agribusinesses that will be paid products. We are venture backed and we have an awesome group of people who believe in and support our vision for the Ag industry.

      If you’d like to chat more about this or have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected].

      1. Would you please provide a list of the entities/people that have access to each of our company’s data (including collective or individual data) that use this app/program. Thank you.

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