With this mornings announcement by the University of Guelph that the Kemptville and Alfred campuses are closing, many people in Ontario agriculture are very surprised and concerned.  I had the chance to talk to University of Guelph’s VP of Communications, Chuck Cunningham about the announcement.  I asked Chuck was this the government’s call, how many students are impacted and how will the University of Guelph be providing education to Eastern Ontario residents going forward.


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One thought on “Why Did the University of Guelph Close Down the Kemptville & Alfred Campuses

  1. Of course the quoted number of students is representative number in ag studies only. There are about 550 students total at Kemptville in various programs.
    Oh man, don’t know many who will drive to Ridgetown. When they cancelled the diploma at the Guelph campus that was the excuse that students would go to Ridgetown, but I don’t believe that is accurate.
    When it comes to research, the loss of Kemptville to the industry east of 400 is an absolutely staggering blow. Especially considering the growth expectation that the province is expecting of the Agri-food industry. The FAQ from the university states that research will be removed from the Kemptville and Alfred sites in the next 2 years.
    All in all, heartbreaking and disappointing.

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