The potential benefits of cover crops are vast: improved soil tilth and nutrient availability, interruption of disease/pest cycles and improved soil biological activity is just the tip of the iceberg. Cover cropping is not all roses, though, and like any  cropping endeavour, it comes with management challenges and re-cropping considerations of its own. But, once you’ve addressed those, you shouldn’t also have to drive over the entire field twice to get things rolling. And that’s why Fennig Equipment decided to pair Valmar’s granular applicator with Salford’s vertical tillage to create a one-pass unit. This duo, Gary Fennig says, doesn’t just offer good germination, but also “true vertical tillage.”

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In this video, Fennig walks us through the combination Valmar-Salford unit that broadcasts and incorporates cover crops with one pass, explaining the reasoning behind the pairing and how it can be manipulated to accommodate varied rates and different tillage units.

One thought on “Two Names, One Pass: A Valmar/Salford Cover Cropping Unit

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