Month: April 2014

Local Food & Wine Convergence is a Great Opportunity for Ontario Farmers

The devil is in the details of a new two-year pilot program in Ontario designed to bring local food and wine together in farmers’ markets. But if the agri-food sector has enough patience to see it through, I believe everyone involved – farmers, wineries and consumers – can come out on top. Starting tomorrow, Ontario’s… Read more »

Leadership Learnings from the Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference

I’ve learned a few things about myself as my career in agriculture media has evolved — I thrive on face-to-face interaction, retain more information if I discuss a topic with someone else (or re-write notes) and that the more I learn about farming and the agriculture industry the more I feel there is to know… Read more »

Corn School: The Soil Squeeze Test, Ground Temp & Kicking off Corn Planting

Patience wears thin as we head in to May and the ground is still wet and cold. The cost of going in too soon, based on soil conditions and not the calendar, can be mighty costly. If the ground is fit, but a little cool, that’s one thing, but ground that is both wet and… Read more »

What Does the Farmers Almanac Say About Weather in Your Area This Spring

Farmers are preoccupied by the weather and rightly so.  Weather, good or bad dictates work load and income during the growing season.  It is amazing how many farmers interpret the weather through the fog calendar, hoar frost and moon cycles instead of a weather analyst. For many farmers they rely on one book to guide… Read more »

A First Look at the Upcoming World Congress on Conservation Agriculture

In two months’ time, people from around the world will meet up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, to share their knowledge and experiences with conservation agriculture. This is the first time the event, the sixth of its kind, has been hosted in North America. The World Congress on Conservation Agriculture will bring together researchers, industry and, most… Read more »

Doing the Math on TKW of Canola: Should Farmers Pay by Seeds Per Bag?

A couple weeks ago there was a good discussion on Twitter discussing the varying thousand kernel weights (TKW) of canola coming from suppliers this season. I hear this discussion pop up every spring, it seems like, and no wonder. Average TKWs on seed fluctuate from year to year, yes, but there’s been a trend to… Read more »

What’s Your Commitment to Management Change?

By Terry Betker This is a fantastic time to be entering (or be in) the business world, because business is going to change more in the next 10 years than the last 50. We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the… Read more »

More Cases of PEDV Confirmed in Manitoba; None at Farms

The Office of the Chief Veterinary Officer (CVO) of Manitoba has confirmed a small number of animals being held at a high-traffic site have tested positive for porcine epidemic diarrhea (PED) virus. The pigs were at a facility on the eastern side of the province; the infection is not being linked to a specific farm…. Read more »

Corn School West: The Risks of Cold Soil & Waiting ‘Til Soil is “Fit”

“You shouldn’t plant until your soil is fit.” It’s a great quote, but what does “fit” soil look like? Well, it’s not just what it looks like, soil fit for planting corn also needs to be warm, though we use the term loosely here in Western Canada. The fact is, regardless of how dry or… Read more »

Planting Begins and, With It, Volatility: The Markets This Week

If you cannot see the embedded player, click here. Late April has some farmers in Western Canada dusting off the seeding equipment, and there have even been reports of elusive railcars sighted at elevators. This is the backdrop to which grains continue to trade off of weather and the geopolitical situation in Eastern Europe. Concerns… Read more »

Join the RealAgriculture Team at the Advancing Women Leadership in Agriculture Conference

On Monday, April 28th, 2014, over 200 people will attend a leadership conference like none other. Hosted in Calgary, the Advancing Women — Leadership in Agriculture conference begins Monday evening ahead of a full-day of sessions focused on setting goals, professional growth and the challenges still ahead for women in agriculture. CLICK HERE FOR THE… Read more »

Agronomy Geeks West — Ep.13: All You Didn’t Want to Know about Resistance Breakdown

If seeding early is the Robertson screw driver of the disease management tool box, genetic resistance is the giant sledge hammer — effective, reliable, easy to use. But unlike actual tools that do the same job over and over again, genetic resistance — that is, resistance to a disease or pest that’s built in to… Read more »

How Accurate are Statistics Canada’s 2014 Crop Acre Estimates?

Statistics Canada published its 2014 March Farm Survey findings, which summarized seeding intentions outlined by roughly 11, 500 farmers in Canada. The survey was conducted from March 24-31, 2014. According to national estimates: Wheat area could decrease by 4.8% Soybean acres are expected to increase by 16.5% Canola acreage may see a 0.7%drop Grain corn could decrease by… Read more »

Success in Partnership: Re-Inventing Vineland

A sea change takes some impetus. In horticultural research in Ontario, that change happened eight years ago when the Vineland research station reinvented itself as the partner-driven Vineland Research and Innovation Centre. And it got a boost earlier this week when Ottawa and the Ontario government announced they were combining forces to give the centre… Read more »

Wheat School: Nitrogen Application Timing for Winter Wheat

Deciding on rates of nitrogen application for any crop can be a daunting task, but with winter wheat’s unique growing season, the choice is even further challenged by timing. Applying nitrogen in the fall can reduce the need to get in early in the spring, but could be a bit of a gamble dependent on… Read more »