Beef Market Update: The Drivers Behind Sky-High Cull Cow Prices


Adorable and profitable — calf prices are up, up, up!

We’re in the thick of calving season, and if the sight of healthy new calves frolicking doesn’t put a smile on your face, calf prices will. Year-over-year calf prices are rosy indeed, and the price improvements move all the way from calves, to cows, cow/calf pairs and on into the cull cow market.

In this edition of the Beef Market Update, Anne Wasko, of Gateway Livestock, and Lyndsey Smith, editor of RealAgriculture, explains where the price support is coming from, why indications look good for this to continue and how the pork market is impacting prices, as well. Also in this discussion is news of the latest mCOOL update from the U.S., and a reminder of the beef price insurance deadline of late May. All that and more in this Beef Market Update!

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