Caterpillar Plays Jenga With 600 Pound Blocks

Do you remember those Jenga commercials as a kid?  You know the ones with the jingle, “you take a block from the bottom and you put it on top!”  Come on admit it, you played the game all the time as a kid back when there were no ipods or Playstations.

Caterpillar has released video of the most extreme games of Jenga ever.  The set-up is made of 27 blocks, weighing in at 600 pounds each.  This super sized Jenga campaign is a part of the Caterpillar “Built for It” marketing campaign.   

If you cannot see the video , CLICK HERE

Check out this behind the scenes video of the making of the Caterpillar Jenga video.  As it states in the video, the whole setup, and shoot took two weeks of work to get everything right.  Very cool.  Maybe don’t try this at home.

If you cannot see the above video, CLICK HERE


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