DuPont Insecticide Coragen Approved for Cereal Crops

True armyworm on wheat head2DuPont Crop Protection has announced its Coragen insecticide has been approved for use on cereal crops in Canada for control of grasshoppers, armyworms and cutworms. ­

The new registration also includes a label expansion for use of Coragen on the rest of Crop Group 1 (root and tuber vegetables), and an update for use on grasses, forages, fodder and hay.

Coragen contains rynaxypyr (Group 28) with a novel mode of action. It provides broad-spectrum extended control of many insect pests, from hatching stage all the way through the adult stages of development. Coragen is also easy on applicators, bees and other beneficial insects, according to DuPont. ­This label addition covers ground and aerial application.

Ray Janssen, Coragen product manager with DuPont, says Coragen provides up to fourteen days of control (when weather and temperature are optimal), making it a good first option for Lepidoptera and grasshopper control to take advantage of the long-lasting control window.

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